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Welcome to the community for Star Trek fans planning to meet up at azkatraz in San Francisco, July 17-20th. Plans are underway for a Monday evening meetup - details to follow soon.
artzkatraz's Drink 'n' Draw. You should come to that!! OMG it's gonna be SO FUN. Just fanartists drawing and (some will be) drinking!! the time is currently TBA, but I'm voting for 8 or 9, so that this one can be earlier and I can do both!! :D :D :D

Poll is a good idea!
Oh dood! I'm so going to the Drink N Draw, so I definitely don't want to overlap with that. It looks like formal presentations end at 6pm. The auction begins at 7pm, and the podcast palooza begins at either 8 or 9pm.

Yep, definitely time for a poll!