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Welcome to the community for Star Trek fans planning to meet up at azkatraz in San Francisco, July 17-20th. Plans are underway for a Monday evening meetup - details to follow soon.
Meeting about 6 or 7 would be great, I have another meet up that is hopefully at 8 on Monday, that may take all night :>
What's taking place at 8pm?

I think I need a poll. :D
artzkatraz's Drink 'n' Draw. You should come to that!! OMG it's gonna be SO FUN. Just fanartists drawing and (some will be) drinking!! the time is currently TBA, but I'm voting for 8 or 9, so that this one can be earlier and I can do both!! :D :D :D

Poll is a good idea!
Oh dood! I'm so going to the Drink N Draw, so I definitely don't want to overlap with that. It looks like formal presentations end at 6pm. The auction begins at 7pm, and the podcast palooza begins at either 8 or 9pm.

Yep, definitely time for a poll!
Omg Azka Trek meet up, yesssss.

As Dramedy said, the Fanart meet is on Monday too, so maybe liaise with Glock to make sure it doesn't clash with this Trek thing?
Good plan!!!

*gets right on it*
OMGGG you're having a Candy Bar at your meetup? What the heck does that entail!? I need to do something cool for the azkamerlin meetup and it's like *BITES KNUCKLES*

Edited at 2009-06-01 01:50 pm (UTC)
LOL! I'm not sure what a Candy Bar properly entails, so I'm just making this up as I go along. I was thinking that people could bring in different types of Candy in that represented a type of food from Trek. So we might have gummi worm Gagh, Plomeek pops and maybe the very enterprising type might make chocolates in the shape of the Starfleet insignia or something. I figure we could make a contest of it for most creative candy idea.

I'm hoping this won't fully count as "food".
FWIW I'd prefer an earlier meet-up (2 or 4) because my flight leaves Monday night (but if most people would prefer to have this meet-up Monday evening, go ahead with it!)
We're looking at either a lunchtime (noon-2) or evening meetup because we don't want to overlap with formal presentations as that will probably limit our availability to get a room. Would lunchtime work for you? Look for a poll later to see what works for most.
I'll be gone by then. I think my flight to San Diego is at 6. I hope you have fun.
We're weighing either noon-2pm on Monday or 6-7:30pm. Could you make noon? I'll be posting a poll later.
Yes, I could do noon with no problem.
aw! I'm leaving Monday morning for Napa...