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***What the p'tahk is a candy bar?****

While it is commonly understood that a candy bar is one of these, during the Star Trek meet-up on Monday, July 20th, we're planning something more along the lines of a candy buffet - a veritable smorgasbord of sweets from across the galaxy where one might savor a Vulcan plomeek pop, taste a Tribble bite, assimilate a Bajoran jumja stick, or enjoy the perennial favorite, gummie gagh.

***Information for Candy Bar Contributors****

We're looking forward to a wide array of goodies from the alpha, beta, gamma and delta quadrants. Contributors are asked to sign up below and to list their intended contribution. For those in need of a little inspiration, Memory Alpha's entry on Food and Beverages, organized by species, might be a good start. In addition, a true Trek candy bar wouldn't be complete without chocolates in the form of Starfleet's insignia.

Contributors to the candy bar are also asked to bring a container (plastic plates or bowls, and recycled boxes will do) to display the "candy" in.

Napkins for sticky fingers, a snazzy tablecloth, and placards identifying the candy and contributor will be provided.
I'll be bringing Ferengi Flaked Blood Flea Bars. Many humans find them similar to the British Violet Flake candy bar.
Oooh! Sounds perfect! :D
I'll bring cookies! (lemon-cayenne macarons...chocolate dipped...all gloriously gluten and dairy free!) Hmm...I think they could pass as *looks* Komar cookies, sans caviar? LOL...

(umm...would 4 dozen be enough? *has no concept of serving more than 10 people*)
Oooh! These sound perfect. We'll have to make sure to label them as gluten and dairy free too!

Bring as many as you feel comfortable transporting - even if you can only manage 1 dozen, that would still be awesome!
:D Fab! I'll see what I can do!
Oooh yay! I'll be bringing Betazoid uttaberries (possibly in the form of either real blueberries or those berry shaped/flavoured gummies). Whee!
um, can I bring Budweiser Classic? ;)

I'm not local so I'll just have to bring whatever I can buy around the hotel, probably like "Snickers classic" or "M&M's Classic" if that's ok.
I'd love the idea of bud classic. :D M&Ms or Snickers will be just fine. Do you think you might be able to come up with a clever Trek themed name for them too?
I plan to bring an assortment of small candies, but can't say more until I see what's for sale at the store I want to go to: they have some exotic and interesting items.

I did have a query about whether I could get into the room where this is being held, however. I have day passes for the weekend, but not one for Monday. Will people without con registrations for that day be able to get into this room? I know that the concom was forbidding people without a pass for that day to attend other HP flock gatherings if they were held in the hotel, which is why the Snarry meetup (and some others) were moved outside the hotel. Anyway, if you could ask, I'd be grateful.
My understanding is that you will need a pass to attend flock events held in the conference facilities. I cannot speak to the degree of security or how strongly this will be enforced.
Hmmm... has anyone volunteered to bring the gummy gagh? It's a Klingon Classic. :D
Not yet. But even if more than one person wants to, I say go for it. One can never have too much gagh!

Or we could pay tribute to Worf's favorite human drink: prune juice. :D

Somehow, I think gummi worms would be better received.
I think I can manage osol twists? (twizzlers of various designs and flavours (filled/coloured/etc)
I think this sounds fabulous - the more color, the better looking the candy bar!
As you know, I planned to bring some gummi gagh (maybe the sour variety for the true warrior?), but I had another idea that I might bring if it comes out the way I'd like. It'll be something resembling a lollipop. :)
Oh so cool! I cannot wait. :D
I can bring "Jimbalian fudge cake" - aka, homemade peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge!
Oh yummy!