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Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!!!

...maybe not, but today IS A GOOD DAY FOR ANOTHER POLL!!

Several of you have been in touch with me regarding your time preference for scheduling the azkatrek meetup on Monday, and I wanted to see which of the two possible time slots would work for most people.

Option 1 is during the lunch break on Monday, approximately between noon-2pm. Although this timeslot fits nicely between presentations, it will overlap with the MPA lunch at ZEUM and may be a tight fit for those heading off to the Claymation workshop which begins at 1:30pm.

Option 2 is in the early evening on Monday, approximately between 6-8pm. This means that those of you fanartist types should have no conflict with the artzkatraz Drink 'n Draw planned for later Monday evening. However, this timeslot will partially overlap with the latter half of the MPA reception which begins at 5pm and as much as the first half of the auction, scheduled to begin at 7pm.

Your feedback will help with planning. As always, I will still need to receive official confirmation from the organizers, so things could still change (although hopefully not very much) before the final program schedule is set.

Poll #1410401 Scheduling the Star Trek Meetup

During which of the following possible times would you be able to attend ?

Only Monday afternoon, between 12 and 2pm
Only Monday evening, between 6 and 8pm
Both Monday afternoon (12-2pm) and Monday evening (6-8pm)
Neither option works for me.
which Monday -- July 20?
Yes. The Monday during the con, which runs from the 17-21st.
Hello! Is this meet-up still happening? I love Trek (old skool fan here) and would love to meetup with old & new fans.
Oh yes, it's happening. :D I'm just awaiting confirmation on the room. If you've joined the comm, look for posts regarding ways to help out or contribute as well as a rough plan of what to expect.